Tips or choose to buy fresh fruits and delicious long - Handbook of food Vietnam

Buy delicious fruit  is the work that the sisters internal return but everybody does not everyone know how to buy fresh fruits and delicious long . Grasp  tip buy fruits  help you save cost and ensure health.

1. Apples: Choose apples at the right season. Avoid soft or bruised fruit. Skin to smooth and stretch apple.Some tasty apple can have thick skin and pale dots. Please smelling aroma to assess freshness of apples.
2. Bananas: Bananas today have all year. Not only the banana skin smooth stretch no new spots delicious, whole fruit and mottled brown bark is also a sign dotted nine delicious.
3. Mango: The king of summer fruits. Just look at the shell is evaluated by its freshness. If wrinkles mean mango ripening process. Smooth skin stretch was tasty and fresh mango. Some mangoes also have pale spots, but if not mushy, stamping and fragrant, it means delicious mango.
4. Grapes: Grapes are the fruit contains many antioxidant and is beneficial for the body. The best grapes from May 10 to June 4. Grapes are ripe green and yellow means fresh grapes and good quality. Dark black purple grapes. You should also check the stem and vine to ensure freshness. To buy grapes, the better to eat try before you buy.
5. Watermelon: Summer is the season of watermelons. Increasingly heavy fruit is tastier. You can pat themselves to assess the effect of berry fruit, clapping should fall, not bộp bộp. Notice both firmness and bowler not damaged.
6. Commitment: As one of the most select fruit difficult, because even the wrinkled skin of oranges can also give lots of water. Bright and smooth skin can stretch out the freshness but most importantly oranges heavy right hands. Again, use your nose to assess freshness. Avoid fruit with dark brown spots around or to avoid commitments broken.
7. Pineapple: Smelling pineapple head (distal leaf) if there is a distinct aroma of ripe pineapple, the pineapple is delicious. Pineapple can be yellow green. One other factor to note is the heavy hand pineapple will succulent.

8. Papaya: Contains vitamin A. Just touch is that you can assess the freshness of the fruit. Da fruit not damaged and no white spots at the site of the crease. Ripe papaya is always heavy handed.


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