Swimming crab legs salt roasted peppers - Handbook of food Vietnam

As crab golden disc, scented with salt and chilli was delicious in cool weather days.

The more dry roasted crab, mix together chili pepper mill and salt.

In the evening, people of Saigon regularly get together to eat seafood or barbecue, which spicy dishes as roasted salted chilli crab dish is widely popular. Sure crab meat and pungent blend of chili, salty makes diners feel just exotic, just delicious.

This dish is mainly popular in Saigon or the southern coastal city. If you can not find this dish in the restaurant, you can manually prepared as crab sea, donated to families on the weekends when people gather together for meals.

Ingredients for 4 servings:

- 1 kg more fresh crab
- finely chopped garlic, pepper mill, salt shrimp, salt crystals


- As fresh crab washed and steamed. Note the very low water absorption for.

- As more and crab cooked, take out, use a knife to peel flap to rupture when roasted spices are soaked in crab meat.

- Mix the garlic and chilli Minced shrimp salt, refined salt and 1 little water, stir to mix viscous.

- North pan on the stove, then boil the pan is very hot for as crab and roasted mixed peppers and salt on both hands.

- When roasting, add a little water.

- Rang until dried and salted chilli crab as clot is.

- Presented as crabs to disc, if you eat spicy, possibly with salt pepper sprinkle on top. This dish devoted to appetizers and tasty to eat hot new.


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