Quang noodles delicious with beef chicken - Handbook of food Vietnam

Start a new day with a full breakfast nutrition will help you get ready for work. Start the body with energy for dish chicken noodles Quang ox are light delicious.

1. Raw materials

- 300gr Square Bread

- 200gr beef

- 1/2 chicken

- 4 eggs

- 500 gr small rib

- Rau cell banana, herbs,

- Onions, scallions

- At turmeric

- Seeds wedge, MSG, sugar

- Lac roasted, crushed

- Chilli Lemon

- Grilled white board

- 1 packet seasoning cooked pasta Square

- 1 white radish

2. How to do

Step 1:

- Rau cell banana, herbs picked rinse and drain. Onions peeled, chopped pickled with little vinegar for unloading. Peel grated white radish, sliced ​​wide.

- Eggs boiled, peeled, sliced ​​in half.

Step 2:

- Rib flank washed the pot, the less water and boil, then leave for the next chat water and beet pieces into boiling broth. When water boiling ribs, the beef into thin pieces and boiled. Beef cooked, take out, let cool, then sliced ​​thin, to copy. Meanwhile new tasting wedge nuts, sugar, MSG broth into the pot.

- Chicken cleaned, strained, boiled lean portion. Part chop meat bone pieces, marinated with a little seasoning seeds, pepper, sugar, turmeric. Let the pot rim nine.

Step 3:

- Mi Quang Trung through, to be dry. Presentation noodles into a bowl, followed by the sliced ​​beef, sliced ​​chicken, chicken poached turmeric, onion, eggs each in a bowl corner. Sprinkle with peanuts, green onions trimmed flower, ginseng broth chan bowed.

- Topped with chili and lemon cake.

Wish you delicious.


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