Mixing delicious sauce correct - Handbook of food Vietnam

Sauce contributes to flavor dishes, sauces bad if they lose tasty dish. To make the sauce very tasty as well, depending on the dish that has been different sauces. Here we will guide you how to make spring rolls sauce offline.

- Delicious sauce
- Street
- Tasty vinegar
- Water

Mixing the sauce:
- Delicious sauce, sugar, vinegar delicious: 1 tablespoon per 5 spoons with water. This ratio may be adjusted according to taste. Use a spoon to stir the mixture melts and then taste to taste, then chopped into garlic chili. 
- chopped garlic and maybe a little pressed. Finally, we sprinkle a little pepper in the bowl, we have a complete sauce.
- Note: You should not give in too soon chili garlic makes mixing your employees, difficult adjustment reasonable salty sour. Do not minced garlic to cause heavy garlic too will be submerged, causing unattractive sauce bowl.
Wish you get delicious sauce bowl offline!


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