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With the sweet aroma of stew meat, served with beef and vegetables cooked soft tasty dish beef stew noodlebecomes palatable than ever to eat in this cold weather! Together into the kitchen to make a delicious dish for the whole house hot sauce come fall


Tender beef - 400g
White radish - 250g
Tomatoes - 1 results
Onions - 1 small bulb
Small spoon vegetables - 1 bunch
Ginger, garlic, anise, cinnamon -
Soy sauce, mirin sauce, white wine -
Noodles - 500g


Step 1 :

- Beef after purchase, you bring washed and cut into small square pieces to taste (shaped pawns).

Step 2:

- Next, you prepare a pot and the beef inside, add half onion, 2 slices of ginger, a little white wine and boil at low heat for 15 minutes.

Note: When the modules you do not need to beef up the pot lid head start, so let the alcohol vapor to escape.

- When meat is cooked, you picked up a basketball meat (weaving) and then poured cold water on the meat clean.

Step 3:

- You peel the beets, then washed and cut into squares baby radish taste (like in the picture).

Step 4:

- Tomato you washed and diced; The remaining half of the onions and finely chopped; you sliced ​​ginger; peel garlic peeled and cut into clean slices.

- North pan on stove, add oil until hot old module you add ginger, garlic into the non-aromatic. Then the soy sauce and mirin sauce on, spoon (wooden ladles) hopping back.

- When the temperature was hot, you see the beef, stirring to seep away.

Step 5:

- When you have beef island is 2 minutes you've chopped tomatoes and continue to stir the tomatoes are tender.

Step 6:

- Next you add anise and onion, then pour water over the meat surface. Heat a large fire until the water begins to boil, you wring the small fire and security within 40-50 minutes for beef are tender, not chewy when eaten.

Step 7:

- Then you give white radish in and boil for another 20 minutes to turnips are tender and beef are more aggressive.

Step 8:

- At the end of 20 minutes, you check whether the meat was tender and radishes are not, then turn off the heat.

- Next, you blanched noodles and vegetables for nine tablespoons boiling water, then into the bowl automobile.

Step 9:

- You chan beef broth and beef with radish up so flooded wheat bread.

- Now you just sprinkle little fragrant smell (cilantro) and pepper onto bowl to flavor pasta and streamlined offline mode while still hot!

So beef stew pasta and blew hot taste has finished now!

Requirements finished:
Part of stew meat is sweet, fragrant.
Beef tender, not chewy too well not to be too, eating bold.
Turnips are tender, tasteless crude.

Eye-catching colors, taste delicious, attractive, even hot, extremely suitable to enjoy on cold weather days.

You can replace regular pasta with egg noodles, spaghetti or noodles instead of rice noodles were light, the dish will become richer!

On the chilly weather that has stewed beef noodle soup for sauce collapse would be terrific to know!


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