How to make delicious chewy squid with tamarind sauce weekend - Handbook of food Vietnam

Fresh Ink - 400 gr
Me small - 1 extractor
Ginger - 1 branch
Chilli - 1 left
Garlic - a few branches
White wine - 1 small
seasoning salt, fish sauce, salt, pepper, sugar, cooking oil - spices


Step 1: Me and you soak hot water until soft, then take the meat through colander me. You shave shell ginger, washed, ½ julienne and remaining ½ chopped. You peeled garlic, washed and chopped.Also washed sliced ​​peppers.

Step 2: Toner for your cleansing, massage with little preliminary above chopped ginger, then rinse with a little white wine for off blades. Then you leave the ink to dry, cut into bite size circle.

Step 3: The marinated squid with your little seasoning salt, pepper and ½ place me in the flesh. Use clingwrap sealed in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to infuse spices ink.

Step 4: Then you north pan on stove, add 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, minced garlic in hot oil for non-aromatic. Then the ink on the island hunting. Next to all remaining seats in tamarind sauce, add some sauce, sugar, seasoning to taste mouth, add boiling water for about 1-2 minutes for the temperature constant.

Finally, you turn off the stove, and peppers julienne ginger, stirring. For ink tamarind sauce and enjoy disc offline!


Choosing fresh ink:
Fresh Squid has a lot of different kinds such as cuttlefish, squid, squid sim ... but if you do not know how to choose carefully when shopping is very easy to buy rotten to the dead.
For cuttlefish: You should select the thick, his milky-colored, firm texture, without being crushed, brown surrounded membranes are outside, the hard ink beard.
For the squid: Select the layer meat pinkish light, head still sticking to the body, the stiff beard ink, ink bag is not broken;
Do not choose the ink turned to bluish ivory, meat pasty, not adhering to the body early, very fishy odor because it is less fresh squid and jog.

How to make fresh and safe ink:
Gently pull the head and body tentacles off the fresh ink and set aside. Make thoroughly under running water ink.
Pull the white light in the backbone out of body ink. Use fingers wash the inside of the cartridge under the faucet body.
Cut the tentacles just above the eye. Use a knife or scissors cut nozzle ink (toner often has a trunk near the eye is like beak so the first thing to do is to give away the ink nozzle. You can also move his hand near the eye part of the then squeeze the ink will come out the nozzle. This is not edible so you should throw away.
If desired you can peel off the skin and fins ink.
To eliminate the fishy smell of the ink after the ink cleaning filter you can wash the ink with a little white wine to remove fishy smell and then rinse with water.

Tamarind sauce squid finishing with eye-catching color and delicious taste with ink adhered in tamarind sauce eat chewy chewy, crunchy crusty slightly bitter, taste sweet tamarind sweet of soluble ink. This delicious dish is suitable for eating with hot rice, especially in this cold winter there!


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