How tasty vegetable processing without losing quality - Handbook of food Vietnam

Eat plenty of vegetables help our bodies prevent cardiovascular disease, stabilize blood pressure, prevent some cancers 1 etc but c hế tasty vegetable without loss of how to properly to not lose substance Nutritional yet?

Eat more vegetables help your body prevent cardiovascular disease stabilize blood pressure, prevent some cancers 1 etc ... But how vegetable processing properly so as not to lose nutrients?
You need note the following:

- Do not store vegetables in the refrigerator too long for every 1 day, 1 green vegetables lose large amounts of nutrients.
- Processing vegetables improperly also lose nutrients in vegetables. Example:
+ With green beans, the incentives go crust will lose most of the vitamin C because this vitamin ratio between the shell and bead is 3: 1.

Saute vegetables simmer + green vegetables but not at high temperatures, vitamin C, B1 very soluble and evaporated. So when preparing fried vegetable dishes, wanted to keep the nutrients you should turn down the fire, add a little vinegar to retain vitamin.
- There is one best use of vegetables like cucumber eating raw beans ...
- Eat immediately after processing. Just pick vegetables from the pan when the time to keep hot food but so is the effort you put into the dish that's almost meaningless, since most of the nutrients in vegetables has melted. The best way is to enjoy immediately after processing is complete, just help you feel finest flavors were beneficial to the body.
- When fried, cooked a lot of nutrients in vegetables was melted in soup , do not drink it, it is wasteful. But do not just drink to forget "the" eat later will help increase fiber, good for digestion.
- Peel first and then wash or digest time can fit just washing vegetables is also Status a common habit.However, this method is costing a significant amount of vitamins. Therefore, you should only move or peel after washing vegetables


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