How tasty boiled snails at home - Handbook of food Vietnam

Save boiled snails always fascinated many people. Weekend family gatherings, friends together sip boiled snails at home, there's nothing. You just do it how tasty boiled snails are light.

How tasty boiled snails at home

Want tasty dish boiled snails, you must carefully right from the first is to purchase real estate. Screws delicious, fat then you close the external part, the building itself is static or sticking out of the shell, when new indented, you're close. These children have you retract deep into the building or to have long thin, unpalatable, even dead snails.

Before boiled snails, you need at least half a day soaked in water to release the dirt off. It is best to soak the snails with rice water, cut a few chilies or chili powder for a few tablespoons into a rapid real dirt waste. Sometimes you should change the water, seeing no longer the dregs buildings are brought scrub thoroughly several times, pick up the dead.

For building the pot, put a few lemon leaves (or leaf grapefruit), a few stalks lemongrass, a little water.Building itself was rich in water, though not for more, you are not afraid of fire pot. Add a little water to boiling water snails, but do not give many snails lest lose sweetness. Cover, place the pot on the stove were on fire. When snail boil, immediately lid, stir once, saw the scales are flaking is. Standing nine screws after boiling 2-3 minutes. Do not boil too long lest snail gut indented and broken, very hard to appeal.

Note: no lid, no mixing snail wrapped in boiling pot without flare. Eat boiled snails finished while still hot "burns up". If you need to share for anyone, it's best to prepare themselves, when new eating boiled, just a few minutes to complete. Save tasty snails also depends on the sauce. Cup delicious sauce will decide to dish more delicious boiled snails.


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