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Spicy braised chicken dish was a rather attractive for people to enjoy by fresh chicken, stewed meat is tender with a delicious sauce flavor. When eaten, the chicken pieces with garlic butter in his mouth enjoy, feels slightly spicy but delicious. This dish is usually served with hot rice and is particularly suitable for those cold winter days.

Part of chicken -
Chicken thigh - 10 female
Onions - 1 tuber
Carrots - 1 tuber
Potatoes - 6 tubers
Onion - 2 tubers
Part sauce -
Soy sauce - 1/3 cup
liquid sweetener (purchased in supermarkets) - 2 tbsp
Korean chili sauce (gochujang) - 2 tbsp
Pepper - 1 tsp
Salt - 1 tsp


Step 1: Prepare ingredients for dishes spicy braised chicken thighs .

- Have you washed chicken thighs with cold water and drain.

- Potatoes, carrots and peeling the cover you then rinse with water, then cut into bite size pieces brought.

- You peeled onion, rinse with water and small sliced

- Onion retrieve only the white root and rinse and cut chips.

Step 2: The stages do dishes spicy braised chicken thighs .

- To make the spicy chicken thighs , first the north you a pot on the stove, pour the boiling water pot back on the big flame.

- When the water boils, drop the chicken thighs into the ceiling you briefly about 5-10 minutes for chicken leg clean off dirt and stinking smell.

- When you see a little chicken hunt, then you picked the chicken out and immediately flush with cold water to chicken chicken thigh firming.

- Next, you take a bowl to make the dressing bowl. You give all the ingredients in the sauce including garlic, soy sauce, chili gochujang, liquid sweetener, salt, sesame oil and pepper in large bowl and stir to blend ingredients together to sauce bold, no lumps.

- After finishing the sauce mixture, then you prepare a medium-sized pot on the stove, add a little oil on the boil.

- When boiling oil, then you give the potatoes and carrots in the last island to hunt again.

-When Potatoes, carrots were slightly hunt, then you put the chicken thighs on top of potatoes and carrots

- Next comes the sauce mixture on top, spread evenly all over your attention chicken pot offline.

- Have you stir the mixture for the sauce mixed in all the ingredients, especially the chicken and the region you covered large pot and lighter until large pot boiling chicken, then you turn the heat down and cook for nine potatoes, carrots. You can check carrots potato cooked or not using chopsticks split potatoes or carrots. If you find it easy to split carrots potato cooked longer otherwise you swing for a little while for nine.

- Then you lid pot, add onion to the pot and boil for 5 minutes you can turn off the stove.

- Finally, you draw drumsticks with potato carrot disc, watering sauce over and sprinkle with chopped green onions again is finished.

I wish you success and appetite with delicious dishes are light!

Tips for dishes spicy braised chicken thighs were delicious

- Besides the chicken thighs, then you can also use other parts of the chicken for this dish but the chicken thighs would be the best choice.

- If you do not eat onions, you can live for braised onions to the pot, stir and turn off the stove and ladled out bowls relish with rice or bread.

- If you do not buy liquid sweetener custards, then you can replace it with sugar, coconut water color or add both sugar and oyster sauce to create sweet sauce instead.


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