Himself prepared to dish dirt cake recipe according Hue - Handbook of food Vietnam

Dirt cake is a simple dish. And with dirt cake Hue , you will be a little strange because each pie is to own fat in a small cup, sip slowly piece by piece, you will feel the full flavor of the dishes of Hue.

1. Raw materials

- 1 cup rice flour child
- 1 tablespoon flour (if you want to eat more chewy dough flour increase and decrease rice flour)
- 1 teaspoon salt
- 1 cup the water (used water measuring flour estate )
- 1 and 1/2 cup boiling hot water the old
- 300g fresh shrimp
- fish sauce, sugar, chilies, pepper and salt
- green onions, shallots, oil, pouring dirt cake mold (you can buy at the supermarket)
- Skin Deep fried pork or fried bread served with.

2. How do

Step 1:

- Mix flour and rice flour, add salt, and stir.

Step 2:

- Production from the water from the bowl, just use salt medium stirring mechanism.

Step 3:

- Next pour hot boiling water slowly aging, salt used to stir, food membrane, sealed, overnight or for 10 to 13 hours.

Step 4:

- The next day you will see the upper surface of powder coated white sourdough, you filter water disposal sourdough, sourdough pour much water, you replace this much in warm water. Stir lightly, for about 15 minutes before pouring the cake.

Step 5:

- The lice shrimp: shrimp washed, dark curly black drawn on stoop to clean, pour the shrimp into the pot, lid closed to shrimp cooked, do not add water. When ripe pink shrimp, cold wait, peeled shrimp, peel shrimp retained for cooking with fish sauce, shrimp and the body you used mortars puree.

Step 6:

- Heat the cooking oil, dried astronaut fragrant, stirring pour shrimp, season with salt, fish sauce, sugar, pepper, tasting again depending on your taste. Saute until the shrimp, to place, remove pan from heat, let cool.

Step 7:

- Onion chopped, washed, add less oil onion bowl, microwave for 30 seconds for operating rotary nine.

Step 8:

- Part pour dirt cake: mold oil rub, put the mold into interesting pulse, pulse boiling water in old new friends in the mold magnet powder, lid closed, occasionally with a clean towel to wipe condensation on the lid.Steaming from 6 to 8 minutes, the cake stand in the ninth.

Step 9:

- Lift the mold out of the pot, let cool, cup cake sharp knife, put in the disc. When you remember to put bread brush onions and cooking oil at the surface for dirt cake cake from sticking.

Step 10:

- The sauce: chopped shrimp shells, pouring water over the face shrimp-boil, filter the broth from shrimp shells, carcasses discarded. Mix the fish sauce, sugar, filtered water at the ratio of 1: 1: 1, sugar and fish sauce boil, let it cool, made from fish sauce and broth from shrimp shells, slightly sweet seasoning. Fish sauce, served with garlic bread and dirt no more no vinegar, or lemon. Chilies lovely spoon or scissors rather than retire.

Step 11:

- When used, sprinkle little shrimp lice surface dirt cake, add fried pigskin, laced with chili sauce chan, you have dirt pie plate rustic but very tasty.

Hue said that eating dirt cake here that fast food will never see all the delicious, so sweet of this cake. In contrast, eating dirt cake Hue is to eat slowly, chew, then, will you feel all the essence of gift Hue familiar ground. So if arriving in Hue, do not forget to enjoy the delicious specialties are light.


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