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Dried bamboo nail sausage soup is a dish familiar to the people of Vietnam, especially during the Lunar New Year. This delicious dish with raw materials readily available, simple way to enjoy attracted by soft pork, protein you are simmered with dried bamboo, eat delicious crunchy. Let cook handbook to share with you the secret cooking wonderful tasty dishes are light!

Dried bamboo - 500 gr
Mong pork - 1 female
Pork bones - 300 gr
Onion - 2 tubers
Onions - 2 tubers
MSG, salt, fish sauce - spicy
Wood ear - a few


Step 1: Prepare ingredients

- Have you washed dried bamboo shoots, pickled bamboo shoots about 2 days to hatch and then brought shredded or sliced. Without time you soak shoots from 4-5 hours before cooking will help cement soft, hardness, taste better.

- Pork feet, your bones cleaned and cut into bite size pieces. Then you boil over 1 turn with water bone to bone foul less and less impurities.

- Onions you cleaned and onion into yarn Status

- Wood ear to bloom before you soak rinse with plain water, then bring to taste sliced.

- Onion you peeled, washed and chopped.

Step 2: The stage to dish dried bamboo nail sausage soup tasty

- First of all you boiled bamboo shoots with cold water and you must boil the water several times until the shoots, bamboo is soft. Then you bring cement wash with cold water

- Next to you non-aromatic red onion with oil for flavor and for shoots and black mushrooms and stir-fry for a little more salt and spice sauce to coat. You should be fried bamboo shoots and black mushrooms a little closer to black mushrooms and bamboo shoots soaked spice and ripe gradually.You should give first and then cement into new wood ear into.

- Then you roll your nails and bones in a large pot, stir through the sauce with a little seasoning to penetrate bone and nail spicy sausage, then you pour water on 30 minutes to a jelly security

- Next to you for bamboo shoots and black mushrooms were sauteed in pot nails and bones security, continue to cook until soft cement, nails ripe. When security bones you can give a little soup and soup seasoning to be sweet, delicious. The security in about 45 minutes you to shoot was grueling, tough and nail not eat soft rolls, easy to eat.

- Finally, you tasting spices to fit the mouth and then turn off the heat, ladle soup into bowls, add some onions on top and enjoy this delicious soup.

Wish you success and delicious with dishes dry cement foundation sausage soup !


- Dried Mang you should soak for at least 4-5 hours to take it all to the shoots will cook faster than software

- Pork feet you have to remember to clean before cooking

- When the bone and nail Security rolls you note if any foam must be fished out broths foam to be in, that is not tainted and fragrant broth. If you want more fragrant broth, you can add a small piece of cinnamon.

- How to choose foundation tasty sausage: you should buy back legs, fleshy small bone, the thin envelope. When choosing foundation sausage meat you should choose to make khoogn wrinkled feet, weighing 500-600 confirm. You pay attention to avoid buying pork leg, pork lean, cooking will take longer to ripen and eat no meat.

- How to choose a good dried bamboo: you should buy these kinds of brownish yellow shoots, preserved characteristic scent is fresh bamboo shoots. Dried bamboo shoots buds pick lint is golden bamboo shoots. Dry bamboo shoots often have 4 categories: bamboo structure, bamboo shoots, bamboo cane, bamboo shoots, pork tongue.

Shoots small structures and pointed to eat crunchy and sweet. Cork and bamboo cane bamboo shoots more tender. Three types of cement is often used to stir-fry or soup.

Large network is kind of shoots and roots, complementary pieces and dried, when cooked sliced ​​pork tongue and often stewed with pork, pork leg in the breakfast deck.


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