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Lemongrass ginger beef was a pretty tasty dish and appropriately in cold weather this winter. Amazing food connoisseurs by illustrious taste of lemongrass aroma, soft ginger beef with fresh, bold flavors. Go to the kitchen and the cooking manuals to learn how nutritious food is care! Deals!

Guides make ginger lemongrass beef delicious warehouse

Corn beef meat - 500 gr
Ginger - 1 tuber
Lemongrass - 3 plants
fish sauce, sugar, seasoning seeds, salt and pepper - spices
Shallots - 1 tuber

Prepare the ingredients for dishes ginger lemongrass beef

- You bring clean beef then cut into bite size pieces pieces size 2 × 2

- Ginger the shell and bring you shaved clean, julienne

- Onion and peel off the shell and bring you washed, chopped.

- Citronella you washed and chopped bring cut in half

The stage for delicious lemongrass ginger beef dish:

Step 1:

- The north you a saucepan on the stove and place some oil on. When boiling oil, then you've chopped shallot in, followed by the ginger, lemon grass, stirring for nine.

- Then you give stirring beef with onions, ginger, lemongrass.

Step 2: tasting spices

- The 3 tablespoons fish sauce you, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 small wedge nuts and blend well with the beef, cover the pot and simmer for meat soaked twist spices.

- You bring to the undercooked beef, beef sun surface again, then you refill the ginseng face down boiled meat, tasting again had just eaten.

Step 3:

- You still simmer while cooking, cook until the water runs, ginger worn around the back, tender meat is done, turn off the stove, presents a disc and enjoy.

I wish you success and delicious with ginger lemongrass beef warehouse.

Precautions to take ginger lemongrass beef delicious warehouse

- When you remember to stew beef to beef cooked over low heat. You cooked beef stew until soft, slightly viscous water.

- Ginger lemongrass braised beef dish eaten with hot rice or bread would be a great choice of you there!

How to Tell beef:

Fresh red meat, grain Velvety scented beef, beef fat pale yellow.

- Dark red flesh that dark yellow grease, old cows grained, tough ngoach.

- Dark red flesh that white fat, slightly fishy smell, not fragrant buffalo meat.

- Meat with cysts very known as follicle look identical grains of rice, are both in the flesh, take knife translates as it fell out immediately, others with little sinew whitish sticky chewy just make the meat.

How deodorization of beef:

To deodorize beef, simply you get a roasted ginger then cooked, scrape burnt crust, rubbing crushed up beef. After this phase is rinsed with water, ensuring the right of all odors.

Want to soften beef to add salt when cooking. Particularly beef ribs, thigh meat, ribs, want quickly without long tunnel, let the cooking pot a slice of pineapple, a spoon of ice or aluminum.

Selecting beef:
- First, you need to pay attention to the colors: Should buy fresh beef, do not choose dark red. Yellow grease and hard, not soft fat removal.

- Next, look at the texture of beef. Choose small stringy, soft, not stiff grained purchase.

- Finally, take the fingers pressed into the meat shows no sticky, smell no smell abnormalities, discomfort is.
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