Fried flying fish, familiar dishes from Central - Handbook of food Vietnam

Fried flying fish, a person familiar dishes of Central. The sweetness of flying fish meat mixed with the aroma of exotic technologies feeling for the first time to enjoy.

1. Raw materials
- Flying Fish 2-3 children
- Spices: Technology, pepper, chili, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, onion
2. How do
- Flying Fish also buy fresh, clean, throw away the fish gut, hit the scales, leaving the micro and rinse with clean water.
- Fresh Art tubers select old, peeling the bark and chopped. Technology mixed with other spices like chilli, pepper, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, onion ...
- harvesting fish along the body, the spices into the belly of the fish. Spices marinated just right, not too salty for food while your mouth and keep the sweetness of the fish meat.
- Once chilled, flying fish doubled again, using banana leaves or stalks scallions small stripped and forced the fish. Put the pan on the stove, heat the oil and fry the fish in, not to fire too large, fish burnt on the outside but undercooked inside. To fire barely cooked fish are delicious.

When eaten, rum crispy fish, medium sweet just fragrant, tasty fruit is native. You enjoy delicacies yet? If not, the same processing for snacks.


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