Delicious duck noodle potential and complement - Handbook of food Vietnam

Dish heard the name, surely many of you will be afraid of soy odor or greasy of broth, but if well processed, the family will have a good bowl of noodles.


- 1/2 or 3 or 4 duck duck thigh
- 400g pork bones
- 1 branch of cinnamon, 3 ear position, 3 cloves, little dried tangerine peel (the ingredients you buy at the counter medicine)
- Ginger, soy sauce and sweet cabbage
- salt, sugar, seasoning, salt
- shiitake mushrooms
- small strands of egg noodles.


- Rinse duck meat by rubbing with alcohol mixed with ginger, duck marinated in soy sauce 2 tsp, pinch of sugar, salt, pepper, seasoning salt for about 1 hour to infuse.
- Heat the cooking oil, Non-aromatic garlic, fried duck in the past. Take out the disc to the side.
- pig bones washed boil, remove foam. Tunnel about 30 minutes, to have fried duck bones are stewed in a pot.
- Ginger Grilled razor shells preliminary.
- shiitake mushrooms, soaked, rinse several times to clean water.
- You Rang ear, cinnamon, dried tangerine peel, cloves for flavor or if your oven for 5 minutes in grill level, cinnamon is fragrant. To mix your ear, cinnamon, dried tangerine peel to the drop cloth bags tied to the pot soups. Boil until the duck is tender, fragrant broth. Drop shiitake on, wait boil again, seasoning salt into the pot soups, seasoning salt, sugar.
- Choy cut little oil into the pot boiled for broth and a little salt to improve and green balls, fish out Drop into cold water bath to remove exhaust heat to keep the green wealth.
- Noodle boiling water blanched, picked up a basket of bread up to the drain.
- When eating noodles ratings down, draw the thigh duck bowl, add sweet cabbage , less ear mushrooms as you've got the potential duck noodle bowl tasty and delicious.


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