Cupcake delicious durian - you tried? - Handbook of food Vietnam

Part axle -
Cake oreon - 10-12 the
Section cream -
Cream cheese - 250 gr
Sugar - 30 gr
Eggs - 1.5 at room temperature for fruit
Whole milk - 40 ml
Cornmeal - 7 gr
Rice inclination durian puree, so at room temperature - 150 gr


Step 1:

- First, you put cream cheese into 1 big europe and beat until smooth at low speed for 1 'so that the obtained mixture of soft, smooth paste, without lumps.

Step 2:

- Then you put sugar to Europe and whisk for 4 'at low speed to sugar dissolves and mixture of cream smooth.

Step 3:

- Next, you turn into beating each egg and continue beating until blended smooth, beautiful color mixtures.

Step 4:

- Then you left the road in Europe has just beaten eggs and whisk for 4 'at low speed to continue soluble sugar mixture.

Step 5:

- Next, you give cornmeal mixture.

Step 6:

- Then you pour the mixture into the rice durian.

Because durian flavor of the cake will be the key, should you choose ripe durian, somewhat soft sweet flesh, not quality crude to cake than offline!

Step 7:

- Once and for all, the machines you use for how to obtain mixtures are blended, soft, smooth, not lumpy, fine, eye-catching colors.

Step 8:

- If you prefer a little more fragrant and less fragrance durian (For those you do not eat a lot of durian), then you can add vanilla 1 small tube into the mixture and mix up.

Step 9:

- Once the mixture has fine, soft, smooth the liner mold you into the baking paper and put them one turn Oreo cookies into the bottom mold.

If you do not like Oreo cookies, you can usually also use cookies! (If using biscuits often you should use the cozy bread to flavor dishes)

Step 10:

- Then you pour the cream cheese mixture into each mold durian and bake in 20-25 'at 160 degrees C or until cake with yellow outer skin are beautiful.

I wish you success and delicious with dishes durian cupcake yummy them!

Precautions to take cake cupcake durian delicious:

- When mixing the flour mixture and beat you remember all hands to the dough is soft, smooth, not lumpy, chopped. Without the machine, then you can beat by hand until a similar mixture.

If you do not want the smell overwhelms too, then you can choose the medium ripe durians.

- How to choose delicious durian:

You should pick citrus fruit separating them (the road long departed, to almost the same), but chose not choose crooked fruit bread fruit waist, "to" all the seats. Buy result was slightly cracked light, fragrant dark.

On stem durian fresh or wilted. Choose fruit green stalks still hard, sweet fragrant smell lasting charming, characteristic color.

Gai Durian: No to all, less sharp, rigid. Squeeze two adjacent spikes together. If any elderly, the spines. Young fruit, soft spikes will.

See how the shelling of salespeople: Durian old and nine, the 5 slots in order fruit cup, cup salesman respects very gentle, simple. If salespeople must "strive" immature fruit cup is.



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