Crab pot cooking copper delicious meals for the weekend - Handbook of food Vietnam

Crab pot 1 delicious food with bold flavors homeland, with Crab soup, no standards about spices, accompanied by dishes taste different each domain. However, pot Crab indispensable concentration of crab taste, aroma of onion flowers saw crab, red tomato, green onion juvenile, sweet soft rib cartilage ... Enjoy Crab copper pot, add remembering childhood with the mother ever cooked dishes.

Ingredients: (for 6 servings)
- Crab: 500g 
- Rib Cartilage: 500g 
- ham: 1 small bowl 
- tomatoes, scallions, onions, herbs, salads 
- Grilled fish 
- Noodles 
- White Beans 
- Beef: 300g 
- Spices enough .

- Eating sliced ​​tofu, fried.
- Minced Crab, crab aside. Crab meat carefully filtered, collecting water. For little salt in the filtered water crab, crab boil to emerge, take out the bowl.
- For heating oil, dried minced onion added to non aromatic. Drop into boiling a little crab and pan north.
- Rib cartilage cleaned. Boil ribs for all dirt and rinse it clean.
- Marinate the ribs with spices, stir and pour over submerged. Boil until tender rib cartilage.
- Beef washed, marinated with garlic and ginger, spices. Beef pot to dip.
- Pigeons Tomatoes, chopped onions, chopped onions in half to let in water crab broth.
- Rau lived washed, eaten with soup. If you like, you can add a little flower banana flavor to salads to crab.
- North pot of water on the stove from crab, add some ham, spices to taste. Boil the crab and the crab in, dropping the small rib was tender in boiling, add the fish cakes, beans Melted in, served with noodles.

I wish you success and delicious!


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