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At first heard the idea very simple boiled vegetables í that, who would not know but today writing this so that people understand to boiled vegetables so delicious eye and maintain adequate nutrition.

Many people make the mistake of boiled vegetables and boiled vegetables used.

This mistake was not serious site that is causing vegetables become sicken, not fresh, delicious eye ... serious to moderate means you have lost most nutrients in vegetables.
But sometimes, you also encounter serious mistakes in the work of boiled vegetables and boiled vegetables makes use of chemical residues in vegetables is not freed, or you have turned it into "toxic" before use.
See if you can get the following error when boiled vegetables and boiled vegetables not use offline.
Green vegetables stored for too long before use:
Today, with the support of the technical facilities such as a refrigerator, you can reserve food in one long time to save time shopping.
However, with green vegetables, you should not accumulate for too long as this means you have lost almost all of its nutrients.
Especially for those vegetables rich in vitamin C such as vegetables shrinkage, vegetables, you only need to heat at 20 ° C for 1 day, the amount of vitamin C will be losses to 84%.
Imagine if you leave the vegetables in the refrigerator for several days to weeks, then you have to make each fiber to eat alone.
Leaves picked before boiled vegetables:
Many housewives think that only leaves picked vegetables retain almost makes itself small vegetable salad becomes crispy, sweet. But that does not mean you are a waste because of vegetable nutrients exist in very many parts leaf.
Just wash vegetables, 3 countries:
Many people still hold routine washing vegetables only 3 countries and think like that is clean. Actually, this is only true if washing your vegetables is only land and contamination, even if the chemicals, they will not be washed away.
Safely and present the most positive is that you should soak vegetables in pots tides few minutes before rinsing. If soaked with rice water, the better for rice water will help you dislodge a chemical component on the surface of vegetables.

Cut the boiled vegetables is not done right:
If you chopped boiled vegetables but not immediately is being facilitated to the vitamins in vegetables oxidized low.
Boiled vegetables at low temperatures:
Boiled vegetables not enough fire not only makes vegetables not keep cool blue eyes, becoming pallid looks loss of appetite, but also makes vitamin C and B1 evaporator.
Ch boiled vegetables new finish:
Many careful blanching vegetables in boiling water and then emptied it, then boiled vegetables in boiling water once new. This causes vegetables to lose most of their nutrients and you will be shortage of nutrients would otherwise get from vegetables.
Cover the pot when boiling vegetables:
Cover the pot when boiling vegetables not completely wrong, but it also helps you retain the nutrients of vegetables.
However, the food situation seriously contaminated, you should cover the pot until the water region in the boiling pot back strongly after the vegetables to a chemical component can follow the steam escape.
For vegetables boiled overnight and eat again:
If you regret boiled dish delicious and cool but not that restocking eaten either in the fridge, you're turning it into poison.
Because the vegetables are left overnight, nitrate available in vegetables will turn into nitrite - a carcinogen extremely harmful for you.


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