Baked roll - Vietnamese-style pizza - Handbook of food Vietnam

Da Lat specialties now available at the sidewalk cafes of Saigon and Hanoi with new flavors and attractive. At home you can easily do that.


- Rice Paper
- dried Tep (aka dried shrimp paste)
- Sa International
- quail eggs or egg
- Onion
- Can add minced meat fried ripe
- cheese (if you like to eat more fatty taste).


Step 1:

- Baked cake you can use to scroll type thin rice paper salad or rice paper spring rolls on.

Step 2:

- Dried Shrimp should choose marinated shrimp with spicy food will taste better when grilled.

Step 3:

- Onion washed, chopped.

- Place the cake on the grill, add a little chilli, onion, an egg, dried cloves.

- If you like to add fried minced meat and cooked meat before spraying a little meat on the roll surface.

Step 4:

- Just recently spoon baking ingredients evenly throughout the roll surface.

Step 5:

- Continue to bake until the egg starts to mature, continuous rotation arm to roll nine are, you can sprinkle a little dry stalks scallions or preference.

Step 6:

- If you want to eat more fat thin you could rig a piece of cheese, then add dried shrimp, scallions, chili satay, egg evenly and bake until cooked.

Step 7:

- Cake after baked and crispy all, you can fold in half, or to CBU.

- Transfer approximately disc, use scissors to cut into slices to taste, use hot.


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